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We’re losing wild lions; we’ve lost 90% in the last century! There are only 20,000 lions in Africa today And more than half of those left are under serious threat. If we don’t protect the landscapes that lions live in, it won’t be long before they become extinct in the wild. Lions sustain the balance of our ecosystem!

The loss of lions has a negative effect on Africa’s fragile ecosystems.  Lions play an important role in the food chain, helping to regulate numbers of the more dominant herbivore species.  Without lions to control them, these species can out-compete other animals, causing their extinction and reducing biodiversity.  When ecosystems fail our own health is at risk.

The solution lies in supporting lion populations in their habitat by:

  • Establishing baseline population data
  • Mitigating poaching and human-wildlife conflict
  • Engaging communities in conservation

I’m passionate about the conservation of lions in Africa. So, to help support the preservation of lions in Africa, I am going to volunteer with Lion Landscapes, a charitable organization that has been working for 25 years in Africa. This is a local, grassroots effort! I have my room and board covered and I am seeking additional funding for this cause.

My background has been working on behalf of animal advocacy for the past 20 years. I have volunteered with organizations that protect animals in the wild including at the Marine Mammal Center.

Thank you, for your support at every level!